In Conversation With: Jared Kwart, Director of Marketing at Weston Foods Foodservice

Weston Foods

 has a rich Canadian history dating back to 1882 when George Weston started Weston Bakeries. From Canada’s largest bakery to a North American leading bakery supplier in both retail & foodservice.

From a foodservice perspective, Weston Foods has been recognized as one of North America’s premier bakery partners to a number of national and regional operators. Weston brands we recognize today include Wonder, D’Italiano, Country Harvest, Dave’s Killer Bread and ACE Bakery – just to name a few.

We had a chance to talk with Jared Kwart, the Director of Marketing at Weston Foods Foodservice.

Find out how the foodservice team approach marketing by balancing online and offline channels

. Also, how they stood out in a bold way at the biggest foodservice industry trade show with uniquely branded socks.

Having a really high impact item like branded, unique and colourful socks were a way to be a little different and highly relevant in a very busy marketplace

-Jared Kwart

Listen to the full conversation here:

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