7 Brands That are Turning Plastic into Fashion

In a time where plastic pollution is a dangerous threat to our environment, we are needing to find solutions- and fast. With the abundance of plastic waste, using recycled plastic in a new form is a sustainable solution.

Big brands such as Adidas and Nike have only recently begun introducing recycled plastic into some of their products. Yet, here are some of the new and old(er) companies that have made it a part of their whole purpose.


The originators, Patagonia have been in the re-using plastic biz since 1993. Using plastic soda bottles to create polyester fibres, the material can be found in many garments such as their fleece sweaters. The outdoor brand is a leader in environmental and social responsibility.


This sneaker brand is the first to use fabric entirely made from recycled plastic bottles, they call it “B-mesh”. They’re made in Santo Andre, Brazil and on average uses 3 plastic bottles to make a pair of sneaks!

Veja also uses other eco-friendly materials such as recycled cotton, corn waste and (thrown away) fish leather.


The ethical fashion brand swears by it’s “radical transparency”. They are known for their quality basics, ethical manufacturing and reasonable pricing. Recently, Everlane launched a line of outerwear called ReNew, made from discarded plastic bottles.  

Matt + Nat

The Canadian brand that stands for MAT(T)ERIAL + NATURE. They are a vegan handbag and shoe company, meaning they use eco-friendly materials like nylon, cork and rubber. Every one of their bags is lined with 100% recycled bottles, it is estimated that 21 plastic bottles are reused per bag produced.


Allbirds is a direct-to-consumer shoe brand that creates eco-friendly footwear. They started out with the wool runner, and also use materials like tree fibre and sugarcane in their products. Every pair of their laces are made from one recycled bottle.

Girlfriend Collective

The startup athletic wear company checks all the boxes for everything you’d want in a company. From ethical manufacturing to eco-friendly initiatives and diversity and inclusivity.

Their leggings and bras are made from recycled water bottles sourced from Taiwan, which was once called “garbage island” but is now a world leader in recycling.


This sunglasses company launched a line of recycled plastic frames! They swear by the quality so much that they have a forever warranty. If they end up breaking, instead of ending up in the landfill, just send them back for reuse. 1% of their sales also go to environmental non-profits.

The sad reality is that virgin plastic is cheaper to produce than reusing old plastic. However, with more and more companies choosing to use recycled plastics in their products, they are helping raise awareness and find sustainable solutions to the plastic problem.

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