Staff Picks | Earth Day Picks by Shruti Sharma

Neophilia, a word I recently learned but connected with instantly. It means a tendency to like anything new. I’ve always been the type to love new and innovative things in life.

Growing up, I loved art so much, just the concept of having a new canvas to work on, new mediums to use or a new craft to perfect was what drove me into design in university. Eventually, that led to a role in sales where I’m finding new and cool products to show people every day!

I always believe in doing our part for our planet, with this being the month of Earth Day I figured why not showcase products that give back!

Seed Paper Calendar

Once you are done with each month you can plant the page and grow some beautiful wildflowers.


Wood Coasters

A unique and personal approach to the classic coaster. Also, for every order of these wooden coasters, a tree is planted in support of reforestation projects.


Parkland Backpacks

Each bag is made from 100% recycled water bottles. By buying these recycled backpacks you are encouraging more production of recycled bags rather than bags made from toxic materials.


Eco Grow Bags

Not only is it a compostable gift, but it’s also a giveaway that is more fun and interactive!


Organic Apparel

“The term organic describes a method of farming without the use of toxic and persistent pesticides or fertilizers, sewage sludge, irradiation or genetic engineering, and are certified by an accredited independent organization. It is a system of farming that strives for a balance with nature, using methods and materials that are of low impact to the environment.”

(Source: Organic Trade Association, 2008)


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