8 Ways to Repurpose Your Old Shirt

It’s a problem we all encounter more often than not, "what do I do with an old t-shirt?". There are obvious solutions, like using it as a sleep shirt, or a cleaning-the-house shirt. Maybe you leave it at the bottom of your closet. Or, perhaps you've just Marie Kondo’ed your life and want to donate the clothes that don't spark you joy.

While donating may seem like the right solution, the second-hand industry is overwhelmed with our old clothes.

"80-90% of donated clothing isn't being resold in Canada."

Source: CBC

So where does it go? Some of it is repurposed into rags for the industrial companies. It can also be reprocessed for car seat filling or insulation. Mostly it is exported overseas to second-hand companies. However, sending used clothes to developing countries is not the best solution. Not only is it harming their textile industry, it often ends up in their landfills.

Here are some ways that you can give your t-shirt a new life, without the waste.

Tank Top

If you still want to wear it, turn it into a tank top. It's perfect to wear to the gym, to the beach, running errands or whenever you want!


It may seem like a daunting DIY, but once you get the hang of it, you're good. Plus the result is amazing! Put it in any room and display your repurposed creation.

Hanging Planters

House plants are the $h!t. They provide more oxygen for the home, reduce carbon dioxide levels and so much more. So you can only imagine how we feel about hanging plants! Macrame your old shirt into a useful hanging planter.


Printed and patterned tees will jazz up your space in the new form of a pillow!

Produce Bag

A solution that helps with the plastic problem! Having your own re-usable produce bag is a great way to stop single use plastic bags, making it out of your old shirt is a bonus!


Perhaps the least creative but more useful repurposing, transform that old tee into cleaning rags! The best part is you can wash it and re-use over and over.

Cat Tent

T-shirts can be for our furry friends too! Use an old t-shirt to create a tent for your cat.

Dog Toy

Not forgetting about our other furry friends, create a dog toy made from your old shirts!

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