This Company is Recycling Your Old Tee into a Better One

We’ve talked about companies that are turning plastic into apparel, yet another company is out there turning old t-shirts into apparel. Marine Layer, is a San Francisco based brand known for their incredibly soft apparel. Their fabric is made from recycled beechwood, as the pulp is a self-sufficient material. They also have over 25 custom fabrics that create sustainable one-of-a-kind clothes.

Now, they’ve launched Re-Spun, a collection of t-shirts made from a combination of old shirts, and other sustainably sourced materials. After reaching out to the public, Marine Layer received over 70,000 shirts to help them create their recycled tees!

The Process

The entire manufacturing process is waterless, dye free and doesn't produce any new materials. Not only is it giving old shirts a new life, but also keeping them away from landfills.

The Future of Clothing?

Could this be a breakthrough for the clothing industry, and will the success of Re-Spun help other brands do the same? Either way, Marine Layer has found a smart and sustainable manufacturing process that can help keep clothes out of landfills.

We're also getting a kick out of some of these donated shirts they found.

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