A Rightsleeve Guide to Summer

Summer season is upon us! That means lazy cottage days, road trips, lounging by the beach, and getting cozy by the campfire. However you choose to spend your summer, we’ve got you covered with what you may need! Catch a look into the products of our exclusive summer guide:


This adventure-proof dry-bag backpack sits comfortably on the shoulders, carries everything you need in deep, reinforced pockets, and keeps your stuff dry in a water-proof roll-top closure.

dry backpack biking.png


Custom towels are soft, absorbent, fade resistant and available in 2-color or 3-color designs and 6 sizes. Perfect for boat, beach or soaking up the sun on the pool deck!

Screen Shot 2019-06-07 at 1.34.11 PM.png


After a long day chilling at the lake there’s room for two to cuddle up under these classic sherpa fleecelined, plaid blankets.

campfire sherpa.png

Canadian Classic

Canada’s beloved brand has always stood for quality apparel. Roots hoodies, zip-ups, quarter-zips, jackets and knitwear are the ultimate summer goods!


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Hayley Green