Case Study | Hover's Custom Lotion


Hover is a domain management service that makes it easy to buy a domain. They also set up personalized email addresses and connect to other web services. They are part of the Tucows family.


The client wanted a way to thank their customers with a gift that was memorable, original and valuable.

We agreed that a thoughtful gift would be a high quality hand lotion that was made from natural ingredients, a minimal scent, and is locally sourced (made by a Tucows insider)!


Lotion is a great solution to dry skin, and a thoughtful product that most people use. It’s also not an item that is thought to be given out as a promotional product. We were confident that we could make it a beautiful, high quality gift with impact.



Since Hover is an organization aimed to help their clients be successful, we wanted the lotion to be a reflection of this. The lotion was positioned as another way that Hover helps them focus on their goals, and not be distracted by dry skin.

The custom kraft tag on the bottle reads “we want you to have all the creature comforts necessary to allow you to focus on making a name for yourself".

Another important factor was the overall look of the package, we wanted to make sure each aspect was thoughtfully designed and looked like something that could be bought at a boutique. When the recipients opened the box, we wanted them to go "Wow! Hover put a lot of thought into this!"


That's why we made a custom matte box, with crinkle paper to cushion the bottle. The bottle itself has a beautiful black sticker with a minimalist design and a craft tag attached to the nozzle with twine.


"We've all been talking about the lotion and giving you A+ marks for doing something so fun, different, and useful - in that regard, it's just like your brand and Hover!

We are so lucky that our work and business allows us to meet and work with such smart and dedicated people."

-Top Level Design

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