Case Study | TechTO Member Kits

About the Client

TechToronto is a mission driven organization, working to grow and diversify Canada’s technology ecosystems. Their mission is to develop and inspire technology leaders and their teams to succeed by increasing the level of awareness, talent, and connectivity in the ecosystem.

The Objective

TechTO recently launched a membership program that provides perks like discounts to any of their events, exclusive experiences, social gatherings and more. To complement this they were also looking for different swag items to welcome new members, in the form of a kit. Rightsleeve is a proud partner of TechTO and we were so excited to work on these kits!

Together we looked at items that would be useful to members, and still capture what TechTO and it’s community represents. We took inspiration from employee welcome kits which contain items like t-shirts, notebook, pen, and water bottle while also adding in other unique items. 

The Solution

The final selection for the kit is a notebook, pen and lapel pin! These items work so well together, and are the perfect gift to hand out to new members. Each item captures TechTO perfectly.

techto kit.JPG

The notebook is a black neoskin hard cover, and has the debossed branding for a subtle and professional look. Our favourite part? The surprise tip-in page that welcomes new members to the program. Not only did our designer crush it on the design, but there is a wonderful message from TechTO’s co-founder Jason. The pen is sleek, and matte black that accompanies that notebook, like a dynamic duo. 

tip in page 2.JPG

The lapel pin was a nice addition because it serves as an exclusive, collectible item. The pin has a premium look and feel to it, with the TechTO logo on the front, and the Rightsleeve imprint on the back. Pins are a versatile item that people can wear on their jacket or backpack and makes you feel part of something special. 

The Outcome

TechTO were incredibly happy with the result. At every event they’ve set up a table so that new members can collect their kit. The items selected provide value to their membership and augment the member experience.

Members enjoy receiving the kit and the pin creates the experience of an exclusive community that TechTO members are able to be a part of.

If you want to learn more about TechTO, their events and memberships visit here.

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Hayley Green