How Rightsleeve Helps Hover Make Lasting Impressions

Events can be a challenge but a great branding exercise for your company. When you’re a business sponsoring an event, you have to coordinate a bunch of things behind the scenes to make your booth standout and your time at the event valuable. Connecting with potential customers or users of your company’s services is a big way you can see your return from an event, but if you’re surrounded by tens or hundreds of other booths - filled with cool companies, competitors, and bright branding - how can you stand out? One way Hover does it is through our branded swag giveaways, which are always a hit with event attendees. 

The idea is fairly standard: bring branded swag to events to give out to those who stop by your booth. What makes our swag eye-catching to attendees is the unique type of swag and colourful application of our branding. The socks, notebooks, mugs pique the curiosity of attendees and draw them into our display - and into a fun chat about domain names! Below, I’ll list the swag items that event attendees can’t get enough of. Rightsleeve always helps us put our best foot forward with branded swag.


The Coveted Socks

Are socks ever not a hit? We worked with the Rightsleeve team to come up with the perfect design. The socks are a crowd favourite at events with people always coming up, claiming they need an extra pair “for a friend!” We love these for camping or retreat-style events too, when everyone’s toes get a little cold and they need to wear them right away. Seeing everyone cozy in Hover socks is something we love.


The Awesome Portable Power Bank

People love our portable power bank item for its immediate use. So often at events, attendees are busy using their event apps or opening the event schedule, live-Tweeting the day, and texting friends and colleagues to meet up between sessions. Your phone battery drains faster than you can imagine at events and not everyone thinks to bring their phone charger around. Worse even is when you find yourself spending your networking time three feet from an outlet as your phone charges. Our portable phone chargers are a huge hit and keep people on-the-go at busy conferences.

The Necessary Notebooks & Pens

These are another hit at events for their immediate use. If you’re considering one of these items for your next order, try making a branded pair. At events, everyone is using their phone for social and it’s a pain to try and manage notes on the phone while doing that. Having a notebook and pen at the ready allows people to take notes, swap contact info when the business cards run out, and much more. We love our notebook (or “Idea Launch Pad,” as we call it!). We newly designed ours for 2019 with updated materials and beautiful embossed designs. The designer team at Hover is always impressed with how crisp the edges of the design elements are - even those super tiny stars came out perfectly!

Our notebook and pen on the array of Rightsleeve cover options

Our notebook and pen on the array of Rightsleeve cover options

Our “Idea Launch Pad” and accompanying pen

Our “Idea Launch Pad” and accompanying pen

The Beloved Mugs

Alright, I’m personally biased to this one. I love our mugs. They hold ample amounts of coffee, the colour remains bold and crisp after countless runs through the dishwasher, and everyone always comments on how expensive they look and feel. It’s hard for us to bring a lot of these to events, due to their weight and the fact that they’re breakable, so we tend to pack a few to hold pens and other smaller items. Then, we give them out at the end of events! Any attendee who manages to get ahold of one of our mugs is always so excited by it.

Our Hover mug

Our Hover mug

The Unique Holiday Gift

Our marketing team worked for a while on this one. We wanted an item that was used near daily in the office, that could sit on a desk without taking up too much room, and be a unique gift for our partners to receive over the holidays. The obvious choice: hand lotion! We partnered with La Piazza Delle Erbe to get handmade, cruelty-free, and lightly scented hand lotions. From there, we worked with Rightsleeve to choose packaging, bottling, and branding. Rightsleeve worked closely with us to provide a beautiful, personalized final product that our partners could not have been happier to receive (the Hover team all has one of their desk, too!).

The final packaging and product for the Hover branded lotion

The final packaging and product for the Hover branded lotion

Hover's friends over at   Top Level Design   opening their gifts!

Hover's friends over at Top Level Design opening their gifts!

No matter what swag your brand is looking for, Rightsleeve is a great partner to help build custom items and packages that your customers, team members, and more will absolutely love. Each year, we get to try something a little bit different and experiment with new items, materials, colours, and design ideas. We never feel like there is a limit on ideas or products. All the positive feedback we receive about our swag choices makes it all worthwhile.

This post was written by Samantha Lloyd, Content Marketing Manager at Hover.

To see the post we wrote on their blog, click here.

Hayley Green