Our Summer Road Trip Kit

Kits are the best! They’re a collection of items that come together through a cohesive design or theme. The possibilities of kits are endless, you’ve got welcome kits, first aid kits, survival kits and more. We are big fans of kitting, in case you couldn’t tell from our take care kit, our welcome kits (for clients), and our winter survival kit. By creating a kit it shows off a wide range of products that we offer, and it allows our imagination to run wild with design!

About Our Kit

We had been developing an idea to create a summer kit to gift to our clients. We know that a lot of people take the summer to go on a trip or excursion, so the idea of a road trip kit was born! We wanted the kit to be inclusive and versatile for no matter what the length or nature of the trip. Almost all the items are great for any form of travel may that be by car, plane, train, boat...

The packaging was a bit of a toss up, when first planning we thought about creating a box and custom packaging to carry the contents of the kit. However, as we push more efforts towards sustainability we decided that we wanted all the contents of the kit to be usable, right down to the packaging.

The contents

Notebook + Pen

The most dynamic duo to exist in the product world! This is an essential when travelling. Use it for travel journaling, jotting down important things to remember, doodling and more.

notebook and pen_blog.jpg

Water Bottle

No need for single use plastic bottles when you have this reusable one! This one can keep your drink hot or cold with it’s stainless steel and copper insulated powers. The bamboo top and speckled design gives it a really nice touch. Use this bottle all trip long and beyond.

rt bottle_blog.jpg


Keep the back seat passengers occupied with a deck of cards. Plus you can take it with you to the cottage, campsite, hotel or wherever you’re going for some fun and games.

cards 3_blog.jpg


For all your fresh breath needs. If you’re in the car long enough and don’t have a chance to brush your teeth, gum will be your best friend. Also, depending on where you’re going, you might need some gum to pop your ears!


Car Mount

Hook this up to the vent of your car, pop in your phone and you’re good to go. This way, you always have your phone close by and keep it hands free for safe driving. Also helpful if you have your favourite map app running, and need to glance at it. This might just be the product you never knew you needed...

car mount 2_blog.jpg


Not your quintessential item but it’s more important than you think. The size of this one makes it perfect to attach to your car keys so that you can always find them or easily grab them. We also like it for personalizing your luggage or attached to the road trip kit pouch (see below).


Toiletry Bag

This toiletry bag, also known as a dopp kit, is the item that holds it altogether, quite literally. This bag can keep whatever you choose to take on your trip; toiletries, first aid, tech, snacks! Complete with a handle, it’s a must have for your next trip.

dopp kit_blog.jpg

The checklist

This card gets you started on your road trip packing list. Not only does it tell you what is in the bag, but it gives you some other ideas on what you may need!

postcard back.JPG

Unveiling the collection

Complete Rightsleeve Road Trip Kit

Complete Rightsleeve Road Trip Kit

about The design

If you see our kit and are immediately reminded of gym socks from the 70’s...you’re not wrong. It was a combination of that and old t-shirts from the 70’s that inspired the design.

We wanted the kit to have a vintage look and feel, almost as if it’s been a bit roadworn.

We played with materials as well. For example, there is the natural canvas pouch that is a beige colour. This is mimicked in the look of the notebook and playing cards. The off white colour gives it a really cohesive look and works well for the kit as opposed to a stark white. The woven key tags have an older feel and the bottle has that nice added touch with engraved wood. Our essentials packing list is risograph printed, which requires a granier, coarse paper for it’s printing. We chose an off-white colour to complete that vintage look. 

The colours all work together very well. We included our brand colours, the coral and mint and strategically chose pastel colours to complete the look. Yellow is a very popular colour these days, but one that we also like to include in some of our designs. We also adopted this four line pattern that has a map look to it. So, we decided to incorporate a map design as well, that can be found on some of the items.

Since a couple of items were harder to accommodate the design, we switched it up with just the plain coral and stripes. For example, the phone mount only had one area that we could decorate. Same with the gum, so those items have the coral background with the stripes. The water bottle only offered a 3 colour print so we chose the coral stripes with the map print. 

Our pen, which is a big favourite among our office and clients, has a very cute design that can actually be seen on our post card and originally from our Road Trip playlist, which you can check out below.


We’re really happy with the end result and look forward to creating more kits like this in the future. We hope some of this inspires you to get ready for your own road trip, you deserve it! If you want to get in touch to talk more about our kits, get in touch.

rt kit outdoor 2_blog.jpg

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Hayley Green