Staff Picks | Products from Companies that Do Good by Elizabeth Wimbush

Hiiiiii! I’m Elizabeth - I like adventuring on motorcycles, my two weirdo dogs and the life I’ve built with my partner. I love living in Toronto, I go see live music, find new spots to eat as well being able to learn about and immerse myself in the cultures of others. BUT, you can most often find me out in the woods camping and route planning the best twisty roads to get there!

Before I came to Rightsleeve I owned a community oriented fair-trade cafe where I could combine my love for coffee with my passion for the causes I believe in. That is why I’ve chosen products that are sustainable but are also presented by companies that engage in fair business practices. This could mean that they are transparent with their labour operations and engage positively within the communities they work in.

As the Production Manager and the main point of contact for our production partners, I can attest that they are a pleasure to work with and their values shine through their day to day business!

Stormtech technical jacket

I LOVE this jacket. It keeps me toasty in our strange Ontario winter weather. I use it while walking my dogs, commuting to work and any other reason to be outside. The inner layer jacket fits perfectly under my motorcycle gear, and the outer shell is the perfect rain jacket. Stormtech has a 1:1 initiative that donates outdoor apparel to partner organizations to help introduce at risk youth to outdoor adventuring - 1% of total global sales, listed recipient charities can be found here!


Spector & Co Ashbury Waterproof Backpack

This bag is part of my daily gear, whether I’m riding my moto to work, going camping or travelling. It’s been everywhere with me in the couple of years that I’ve had it. It’s fully waterproof, and I trust my laptop in it. It’s a good size, and the branding is subtle. Spector & Co are a class act company who take social responsibility seriously - I’ve been to their factory and can back that up!

dry backpack biking.png

SoYoung Lunch Poche

This is another product I use daily, at least when I’m ahead of my game enough to have lunch prepped. It fits a good size lunch, a snack and my breakfast smoothie in the insulated zipped body. The mesh back allows me to keep my keys easy to access, and the shoulder strap makes it much easier to carry! It’s washable, no plastic, and this company seriously kicks ass. They are eco-conscious, Canadian and women-owned by someone who wants to empower others to overcome addictions with wellness-focused life choices - seriously go read about it.

soyoung staff pick.jpg

Native Bee Bottle

OK we all know we need more bees in the world to keep food production going, right? Not all of us have land for wildflowers that encourage bees to pollinate so this super rad native bee bottle from Potting Shed Creations is a great solution! It’s made from recycled wine bottles, cardboard and wool. It gives a home to local pollinators and only gentle bee varieties are attracted to it! It gets points for style as well, paired with subtle branding aligns you on the right side of the fight to save the planet.

native bee bottle.jpg

RuMe Medium REUSABLE Tote

This bag is a regular staple in my purse, or backpack - it folds up with a Velcro strap to take up minimal space, but in a pinch can hold a metric shit ton of groceries or beach supplies. It’s water resistant, machine washable and unlike most reusable bags, has seams and gussets along the side so it sits flat making it easier to carry on my shoulder. RuMe is focused on providing eco-friendly solutions, and ensure a positive workplace for their employees, both of those things I value!

Hudson & Co Woven Blanket

Our office can be on the chillier side, so I keep a woven blanket on my chair to throw over my shoulders when I get cold. This blanket is the perfect weight, and when folded into a triangle becomes the best wrap to keep me cozy. They can do amazing things with woven cotton, and they’re a great company to boot. Women owned and operated, they make everything in the US with fair working practices.

Blanket on couch.JPG

Want to get to know Liz a little more? Find out what she’s listening to in her very own playlist!


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