Staff Picks | Summer Vibes by Melanie Dwyer-Joyce

Summer is coming! Call me basic, but nothing makes me happier than the first warm and sunny day when you can have brunch on a patio or spend the day in the park with some pals. I make sure to embrace the warm weather every chance I get. This means spending time outdoors camping, having picnics, biking around the city, attending music festivals and hitting up the beach.

Let me tell you some great items that help you make the most summer and get you outdoors!


Waterproof Drybag

The perfect bag to take on your next adventure. Keep food, electronics, or spare clothing dry while camping and hiking.


speaker water bottle

Be the life of the party and stay hydrated wherever you are with this cool 2-in-1 water bottle!


cooler bag

Take this to the park or beach to keep your food fresh and drinks cool!


Much like fanny packs, scrunchies have seen a resurgence. Keep your hair tied up on a hot and humid day with a fun patterned scrunchie!

drawstring bags.jpg

Drawstring bag

An easy drawstring bag to hold everything in while biking or travelling around the city! This one is made of a natural canvas, making it more durable and stylish.



Get an ultimate game going wherever you are! A frisbee is the perfect item to bring to keep active at the park.

clear fanny pack.jpg

fanny packs

Fanny Packs are back in style, and oh so practical. This one is very on-trend with the see-through look, you can breeze through security at concerts and festivals.

Pro Tip: Wear your fanny pack as a cross body.


Turkish beach towel

These pretty towels are made from Turkish Cotton, a premium cotton that has extra long fibers. This can be used as a picnic blanket, beach towel, bathing suit cover up or even just to throw it over your shoulders on a chilly evening.

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