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I am 100% an adventure seeker and love to see where the next one will take me. Basketball is my sport, and you can find me competing on the court, or cheering for my city (go Raps go!). Off the court, I’m hunting down the latest and greatest in swag.

I’m also a former camper and will always be one at heart, which is why I bring to you some must-have camp essentials.

Canvas Pouch

I love this canvas pouch because not only is it functional, but so versatile. You can use them to carry your stationary, makeup, tech - it’s the perfect size for travel. Plus they are a custom, handmade in the USA piece.

Check out the one we made for Camp Wanapitei:

Wanapitei Pouch (1).JPG

Campfire Mug

Get ready to bring one of these along on your next outdoor adventure! Start your morning with a cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. These one-of-a-kind mugs are built with a heavy duty carabiner clip that easily attaches to your camping gear or backpack.

carabiner mug.jpg

Woven Blanket

Snuggle up to the campfire with these woven throws. You can weave these into multiple colours and the quality is amazing! It makes for a wonderful gift that will last a lifetime.

Here’s one we did for Camp Queen Elizabeth:


Dry Bag

Grab one of these companions before you head out into the wild! Perfect for an overnight canoe trip or a day at the beach. These waterproof bags will keep your valuables, phone, and wallet dry.

I adore the one we made for our Rightsleeve team:

dry bags.jpg
IMG_2064 (1).jpg

Custom Knit Beanies

It wouldn’t be camp season without a classic cuffed beanie. Attach a woven label, patch or clip and you’ve got a unique piece to show your camp spirit!

Our friends at Camp Wanakita do a woven label beanie every year. Not only is it a staple in their tuck shop, but its one of my favourite projects to work on. I mean, look how cool:

wanakita .jpg

This one we made for Farm Camp turned out amazing. The two-tone look is a nice twist to the classic beanie, complete with a clip label that makes their logo stand out!

Farm Camp Toque 1.JPG

Fleece vest

Another 90’s trend resurfaced! A lightweight, micro-fleece vest is a must for venturing into the outdoors. Keep the branding subtle and you’ll wear this piece for years.


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