Functional Packaging | Good for Your Brand, Good for the Planet

With the holiday season just around the corner, packaging is on everyone’s mind. Soon enough, you will see wrapping paper all around you!While that colourful wrapping paper can be very festive, it is not functional once the recipient tears through it. It is also not sustainable. That may be acceptable for personal gifts, but when it comes to branded collections for your company, you want to ensure that all parts of the gift can last as long as possible.

Environmental sustainability and business don’t always go hand in hand, especially when it comes to product packaging. However, by making it more functional, you can ensure that the packaging not only becomes more sustainable but can also take on a second life.

How can you incorporate functional packaging with your branded merchandise collection?

1. Take the Russian doll approach to packaging

Pack gifts within gifts. Taking a page out of the book of the DIY community, we recommend using mason jars as alternative packaging.

Not only can they be designed to your heart's content, they are also something the recipient is likely to carry on using for a long time, ensuring the longevity of your brand in their sight and mind.T

he list of products you can pack within mason jars can range from food items to knitwear. 


2. Use a "Clever Little Bag" 

We absolutely love what Puma has done with the Clever Little Bag! It is fully recyclable and is essentially a tote bag... only better. Using alternative packaging can also create a more original image for your brand which is a huge plus!

For more on the Clever Little Bag, watch a video HERE.

3. Fabric is your Friend

Fabric packaging is another hit with the masses. It provides an interesting twist on the traditional tote and can be styled in many different ways. This is also ideal for adding that retail detail and is already being used by luxury brands across the globe.

4. Packaging that turns into an entirely new product 

With advances in 3D printing, the potential of the packaging industry is limitless. Imagine the smile on the recipient's face when the packaging of the product takes a life of its own!

Talk to us about your holiday needs and let's explores some interesting functional packaging options together!