Getting the Jump on the Next Big Product

It has been a hot topic for quite some time - BAN PLASTIC STRAWS. You’ve read the articles and you’ve seen the movements - now what?

Here at Rightsleeve, we stay on top of trends and track cool new ideas so that we can present our clients with innovative, smart products that add value to their brand.

The reusable straw has been on our radar for a while, especially since the anti-plastic straw movement has taken off. Our Account Director Reba even included the stainless steel straw set in her most recent Staff Picks blog.

A project in the works!

We pitched the straw set to our super awesome clients at Hatcx - and they loved it! We explained how it's popularity has been on the rise but not many people are looking for this product yet so the market isn’t saturated.


This set is super unique, it comes with 2 straight and 2 curvy straws, a cleaning brush and a little baggy to carry it in. Not only is it an excellent conversation or marketing piece, but it is definitely a functional item. You can leave a straw at home, or throw it in your bag and take it on-the-go.

We love Hatcx’s initiative to take a jump on a product that is going to be HUGE in the coming months. Can’t wait to see how this one turns out!