On Trend | Sustainable Bags Made Out of Cork

Operating within an industry that is often referred to as trinkets and trash, sustainability is extremely important to us and always on our minds. We have talked about merchandise made out of recycled material on our blog before and many of you loved and enquired about those items. When we are working with a client, we always recommend considering when and how the branded item will be used - at home, at work or in between? Useful merchandise has a much longer shelf life which also prolongs the life and use of your branded item.

In this week's post, we are looking at some high-quality, contemporary bags made out of cork that are unique and made to fit into our modern lifestyles. At the same time, they have a positive impact on both the environment and economy. 

This entire lineup is ethically handmade in Portugal and PETA Vegan Approved. Their premium cork fabric makes the products ultra-lightweight and durable, while maintaining a feeling just like leather. In addition, the material is waterproof, easy to clean and antibacterial. 

More about the Material Used

The cork fabric is obtained by hand-harvesting the bark from cork oak trees, which grow throughout the rural areas in Southern Portugal. Contrary to popular belief, stripping the bark from these trees actually allows them to grow faster and live longer.  

That being said, this process requires patience. On average, newly planted cork trees need over 25 years of growth before they are ready for their first harvest. After this initial process, farmers have to wait another 9-10 years until the tree has fully recovered and is ready to have its outer layer taken off once again. 

This approach yields a high-quality, raw material while supporting the cork trees to live upwards of 200 years. Cork harvesting is deeply rooted in Portuguese culture and often passed down from generation to generation - making it a time-honoured tradition. 

Our Favourite Bags

Duffle Bag

This stylish duffle bag will be perfect for a travel inspired giveaway, a VIP gift or even as a special giveaway at university recruitment events! The tag is detachable and we can work on a custom branded one for you. 


Consider bringing your welcome kits to a whole other level! These will make a great summer giveaway too.