Camp Stories | A Passport for Camp Wanapitei

About the Client

Camp Wanapitei is Canada's premier canoe-tripping camp located in Temagami, Ontario. Since 1931, Wanapitei has been teaching self-reliance, teamwork and leadership skills to young campers. Every year campers embark on new canoe adventures and create friendships and memories at Wanapitei that last a lifetime.

The objective

In addition to their Tuck Shop (see the amazing sweaters we made for them here) Camp Wanapitei mentioned that they’d like to create a passport for their Junior camper program. 

Most camps have a rewards program in place and this one is for their brand new campers, aged 7-9, often attending camp for the first time. The passport contains activities that encourage each camper to participate in and earn a stamp. 

These are all the fun, adventurous activities that come with being at camp, such as setting up a tent and tying a knot! The best part? Not only are these great skills to have for camp, but they help them build the leadership skills they need at home too.

About the Product

We created a custom booklet that contains 30 activities for the junior campers to earn their stamps and level up from Red Squirrel to Loon to Black Bear and finally, graduate! In each box, we traced an image that represents the task at hand. It’s in a light shade of grey so that you’ll still be able to see it even when it’s stamped. 

This compact design is easy to take with you on every adventure and contains blank pages at the back for doodling or signing your friend's passports. This booklet is the perfect take-home memory to look back at everything you accomplished from camp that year.



Camp Wanapitei loved the passport, and it was a really fun project for us to take on. We love helping make camp last!

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Hayley Green